We provide services related with any neurological problem such as headache, migraine, epilepsy, neuropathy, dementia, neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson disease. We also have subspecialty clinics such as ketogenic diet and epilepsy, Parkinson disease and mindfulness, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease prevention clinic.

New Consultation fee – $139
Follow up fee – $79

It will vary from $350 – $600 per consultant. There will be an additional $150 file processing fee which you will pay in the beginning. Our team will put together all of your medical records and have your file ready for the review of our consultants. We offer 2nd opinion service for physicians and also for patients. However, our physiacins for 2nd opinion service do not prescribe any medication or treatment. This is only for their expert opinion.
Credit card. We accept Visa, Master card, American Express. NeuroX plans to begin accepting medical insurance in the future.
Not at this point, NeuroX plans to begin accepting medical insurance in the future.
You can pick but depending upon the availability and how long you are willing to wait.
A typical new visit lasts 25-35 minutes and follow up from 10-20 minutes.
We strive to provide consultation within 24-48 hours of your request to see a provider.
This is not an option, we provide only online visits.
Our providers do not prescribe any narcotics.
Yes, we can send the report to your primary care physician.
If needed, there will be a follow up visit. The time for the follow up will vary depending upon your diagnosis and how soon we need to see you. We prefer you see the same provider but if not available, we will assign you another provider who will know all the details of your case.
You will call our call center and leave a message for your doctor.
The results will be uploaded in your portal. However, if anything urgent we will call you.
Your information is safe and our EMR SmartClinx is HIPAA compliant. We will keep your information as long as you are an active patient. For inactive patients, we will keep the information for 2 years.
Yes, you can schedule an appointment for any of your relatives or friends. However, we will not release any medical information to anyone else besides patient or if some one else is allowed to access this information by the patient.
We provide primary and secondary stroke prevention services. However, NeuroX physicians and providers do not take care of any neurological emergency. If you are having a neurological emergency, you should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
We can send your prescription to any pharmacy you like.
You can have these testing done close to your home or our Cura4U team can help you with labs and imaging studies. We can also arrange home EEG study for you.
Yes, after hours and weekend appointments are available on request.
Patients who fail to show for their scheduled appointment or did not notify the office within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment time, shall be subject to a “No Show/Cancellation” fee of $35. If cancelled by the physician as a medical necessity, then patient is not subject to this charge and will get the full refund. If doctor and patient not able to connect for the telemedicine visit, there will be no fee and patient will get the full refund.


You can use your cell phone or laptop for this but will need wifi or internet connection and also smart phone with camera or laptop with camera.
Yes, please. You will have to download SmartClinix App once.
Please call our customer service and we will take care of this for you.
We recommend to login at least 5-10 minutes before your appointment.
Your doctor will join right at the time of your appointment.
You can call our customer service and we will take care of this for you.


Getting quality healthcare is very challenging. Not only is it expensive but it also takes significant time and effort to schedule and get the healthcare services.
Moreover, with Covid-19, it is very difficult to travel and carries significant risk. NeuroX, an online healthcare platform with services direct to patients, is revolutionizing Neurology and Psych Care by offering affordable & convenient care including online consultations as well as the delivery of related healthcare services at home.
NeuroX also enables family members or caregivers to get involved in the care of their loved ones even if they live remotely.