How Much Does It Cost To See A Neurologist?

Neurology is one of the most expensive medical fields, where patient visits are less common than those to a primary care physician. So how much does it cost to see a neurologist? The cost of seeing a neurologist depends upon various factors, including your geographical location, the treatment you receive, your insurance, co-pay, and others. 

However, the national estimated median cost to see a neurologist is about $314, and the national average is $192. But that is merely an average, as expenses vary between different states.  

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Some neurologists may even reduce the costs for underinsured or uninsured individuals. Others offer financial assistance programs for patients suffering from financial difficulties. 

Let us take a deeper look into this domain and learn more about how much it costs to see a neurologist, when it is the right time to see a neurologist, and what you can expect from your first visit. 

Why Do You Need to See a Neurologist?

A primary care physician may refer to an evaluation by a neurologist for a multitude of reasons. These may include tremors, headaches and migraines, strokes or mini-stroke-like symptoms, dizziness or passing out (also known as syncope), personality changes, memory loss, vision changes, and others. Neurologists monitor persistent or chronic medical conditions such as neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors. 

Additionally, neurologists can help manage or hinder the progression of severe diseases, including Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, and help diagnose infections of the spinal cord and brain – including meningitis. 

What Does a Neurologist Do on Your First Visit?

You can expect a neurologist to take a comprehensive medical history on your first visit and inquire about your present neurological symptoms, review your medications, and endeavor to determine the cause of any recent symptoms that may have prompted your visits, such as memory problems, seizures, headaches, or migraines. In case you have had neurological testing done in the past, you should bring the tests along for review. 

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The neurologist will also conduct an extensive physical exam focusing on the nervous system, including muscles and nerves. They may also do imaging tests or blood work such as CT scans or MRIs of the spine or head to help root out the reason behind your symptoms. Some other common tests that your neurologist may prescribe can include an electromyogram, electroencephalograph, or a spinal tap in case of a suspected spinal infection. You may also have to give your blood and urine samples for testing. 

Neurologist Consultation Costs in Different States 

As discussed before, the cost of seeing a neurologist may vary depending on the state. The following table can help you get an overview of the expense in your state. 

Alabama$99 – $138
Alaska$134 – $187
Arizona$112 – $156
Arkansas$98 – $137
California$123 – $172
Colorado$108 – $151
Connecticut$118 – $165
Delaware$115 – $161
District of Columbia$114 – $159
Florida$109 – $152
Georgia$102 – $142
Hawaii$103 – $144
Idaho$100 – $140
Illinois$114 – $159
Indiana$104 – $145
Iowa$94 – $132
Kansas$98 – $136
Kentucky$100 – $139
Louisiana$111 – $155
Maine$100 – $140
Maryland$118 – $165
Massachusetts$121 – $170
Michigan$112 – $156
Minnesota$126 – $176
Mississippi$101 – $141
Missouri$100 – $139
Montana$104 – $145
Nebraska$101 – $141
Nevada$107 – $149
New Hampshire$107 – $150
New Jersey$130 – $181
New Mexico$99 – $138
New York$122 – $171
North Carolina$98 – $137
North Dakota$109 – $152
Ohio$102 – $142
Oklahoma$109 – $152
Oregon$111 – $155
Pennsylvania$115 – $160
Rhode Island$122 – $171
South Carolina$105 – $146
South Dakota$97 – $136
Tennessee$98 – $137
Texas$106 – $148
Utah$111 – $154
Vermont$109 – $152
Virginia$106 – $148
Washington$118 – $165
West Virginia$106 – $148
Wisconsin$112 – $156
Wyoming$109 – $152

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