Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients

NeuroX provides comprehensive care with the option of remote patient monitoring (RPM). RPM allows for top-notch care by utilizing the latest innovations in technology to securely transmit ongoing healthcare information to the patient’s treating provider. In this way, a patient’s health can be followed throughout typical routines to allow for the most realistic understanding of a person’s health status. In the field of neurology, the most common forms of RPM may be in the form of brainwave testing or cardiac monitoring. Due to recent advances in technology, it is now possible to obtain an in-home or “ambulatory” electroencephalogram (EEG) to evaluate seizure-like spells. Rather than a random brief EEG in an unrealistic hospital setting, brain waves can now be monitored in the home and during daily activities. This offers the benefit of characterizing seizure-like spells, discovering triggers, and more. Similarly, cardiac testing can be obtained at home. Whether in the simple form of reporting blood pressure and pulse readings or more advanced technologies such as continuous heart rhythm monitoring, the NeuroX provider can implement this powerful tool to improve health outcomes, such as dramatically reducing the risk of stroke. RPM is a revolutionary tool that fits in the comprehensive NeuroX toolkit to improve the user’s health.

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