Virtual Stroke Prevention & Post-Stroke Care Program

Through Remote Patient Monitoring

Control Blood Pressure. Reduce Stroke Risk.

In the US alone, we have 795,000 stroke cases per year. This figure is alarming not just because of the high number of stroke patients but the fact that nearly 1 in 4 stroke patients have a recurrent stroke.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is the most important potentially reversible risk factor for stroke in all age groups. Hypertension is also associated with increased risk of recurrent stroke in patients who have already had an ischemic or hemorrhagic event.Treatment of hypertension is possibly the most important intervention for secondary prevention of ischemic stroke.

Through continuous blood pressure monitoring, hypertension can be managed leading to reduced risk of secondary strokes and better post-stroke care and outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring Program for Neurologists

NeuroX has the right solution for stroke specialists taking care of patients who are at risk of stroke or require post-stroke care for secondary stroke prevention.
A complete RPM system allows for easy monitoring of patients’ vitals. Automated processes like care time logging, vital alerts, revenue projections, and patients’ data management, help better manage your RPM program for increased revenue through reimbursements.
Our virtual team monitors vitals on behalf of your clinical staff, allowing for smooth growth without any burden on your practice. Integrated devices are delivered to your patients’ doorsteps which removes any hassle and simplifies RPM even further for both patients and specialists.

Streamlined Stroke-Prevention Program

NeuroX makes it easy for neurologists to start a sustainable Stroke-Prevention Program through Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Step 1
Sign up with NeuroX
Step 2
Share consent form with patients via the RPM system.
Step 3
Integrated devices are delivered to your patients
Step 4
Patients get all the guidance to share accurate vitals data.
Step 5
Virtual team monitors patients’ vitals.
Step 6
Get custom alerts for vitals exceeding certain thresholds.
Step 7
7. Provide telemedicine interventions, whenever required.

Make Consistent Revenue through RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring is becoming a vital part of healthcare because of the added benefits for patients’ overall health. Revenue generation for the practice is an added perk of RPM Programs. Reimbursement is made easier through CPT Codes, which add around $110/patient/month to the practice.

Number of Enrolled Patients
$ 5
$ 20

Streamlined Stroke-Prevention Program

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