TeleLocum Neurology Specialists

Bring The Expertise Of Board-Certified Physicians To Your Facility

NeuroX connects facilities with board-certified specialists to provide coverage wherever necessary. We deliver the highest standards of care to your patients, 24/7/365. Our TeleLocum team uses our technology – integrated with your EMR – for telehealth services that go beyond your facility’s boundaries.
Reduce Care Delivery Costs
Avoid overhead costs with TeleLocum specialists.
Reduce Readmissions
Provide better care to your patients and ensure fewer readmissions.
Improve Outcomes
Patients get care when they need it for better health outcomes.
Expand Service Offerings
Add multispecialty physicians to your facility and provide care to more patients.
Expand Provider Market Coverage
Grow your facility’s coverage with more physicians connected through TeleLocum services.
Increase Revenue
More patients and expanded market coverage will lead to an increase in revenue.

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