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All of our specialist physicians are American board certified and include fellowship trained sub-specialists with expertise in all the complex diseases related to brain health including but not limited to stroke , dementia , epilepsy , movement disorders and multiple sclerosis etc.

Dr. Mohammad Sajed, MD

Stroke and Headache disorders

Dr. Juliana Kiliment

General Neurology

Dr. David Epstein, MD

Epilepsy/Seizure disorders

Dr. Ishan Adhikari, MD

Autonomic, Seizure and Neuromuscular disorders

Dr. Sana Syed, MD

Neuroimmunology/multiple Sclerosis and Dementia

Dr. Michael Kentris, DO

Epilepsy/Seizure disorders

Dr. Geetha K, MD

Neuromuscular Disorders

Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem, DO

Neuro Oncology

Dr. Chantal Bhan, DO

General Neurology

Dr. Basel Assaad, MD

Epilepsy/Seizure disorders

Dr. Barbara Pickut, MD

Movement Disorders/ Parkinon's Disease

Dr. Adriana Tanner, MD

Epilepsy/Seizure disorders

Dr. Muhammad T Khan, MD

Stroke and Vascular disorders

Dr. M Umer Farooq, MD

Stroke and Vascular disorders

Dr. Saqib Chaudhry, MD

Stroke and Neurocritical care

Dr. Sheikh Faheem, MD


Dr. Amir Azadi, MD

Neuro Oncology

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Successful Treatments & Testimonials

Client Photo
Kolis Muller FL Citizen

When I had a stroke, I did the right thing and got to the hospital quickly for treatment. There was a rush of activity and strong medications, but when I left the hospital, I felt abandoned. I didn’t know the cause of my stroke or how to prevent another one. I didn’t feel that I had the support to return to a productive life. But then I found the stroke specialists at NeuroX and everything changed. Instead of only focusing on the day of the stroke, my Neurologist searched and found the cause of my stroke. Then they helped me with strategies to prevent another stroke from that cause. I now have a team of therapists arranged by NeuroX that are helping me return to my job and social life. Logon to to seek help.

Client Photo
BJ Harrington FL Citizen

My seizures get in the way of me living my life. They keep me from driving, make me scared for my safety, and embarrass me when out in public. But now – with NeuroX I have taken back control of my life. NeuroX has Neurology experts in epilepsy that know all about my condition and control it so I can live a full life. Their online consultation structure gets rid of transportation issues, medications can be adjusted 24/7 and delivered right to my door. I can schedule appointments at my own convenience based on selecting an appointment time on the website without any long wait. They can even do brain wave testing or EEGs in my own home and during my normal activities. Logon to and get back in control of a happy and fuller life.

Client Photo
Casy FL Citizen

Movement disorders like Parkinson disease can get in the way of a person being able to see a movement disorders specialist. From difficulty in walking, moving more slowly, the need for walkers or wheelchairs, to the fact that symptoms fluctuate throughout the day. Arranging to be seen in a Neurology office is no easy task. NeuroX offers an innovative online Neurology consultation service where one of several movement disorder experts can see you through their virtual confidential portal. They can order testing, prescribe medications to be delivered to your home, arrange therapists or home support, and see how you are doing in your own home environment. If needed, NeuroX providers even have expertise in the latest advances, including deep brain stimulators, medication infusion systems, and more.

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